Authors: Anessa Quintanilla
Press Release: September 2021

The Autonomy Research Center for STEAHM (ARCS) is excited to announce the “Make Anything, Matadors” Student Innovation Challenge sponsored by Autodesk, a global software leader making an impact on how the world is created and designed. 

The university-wide challenge hopes to engage transdisciplinary students, from all majors and levels of experience, who have a product idea that they’d like to see come to life. Students will develop a pitch and a digital prototype using Autodesk Fusion 360 to showcase their concept to a panel of judges from Autodesk and CSUN.

First place participants will be awarded a residency at an Autodesk Technology center in San Francisco or Boston along with $20,000 to support their winning project initiatives. During their residency, the winning team will also receive professional guidance to help develop a prototype for their idea. The second-place winning team will receive a prize of $7,000 while those in third place are given $3,000. Eligible winners must be enrolled CSUN students during the competition and Autodesk residency. 

The projects must align with Autodesk’s “make anything” spirit by showcasing unique product designs that converges creativity and technology. ARCS encourages participants to present ideas that reflect the varying needs of society in areas such as Science (S), Technology and Engineering (T), Entrepreneurship and Business (E), Arts (A), Humanities (H) and Mathematics (M).

“ARCS is excited to collaborate with a forward-thinking company that creates designs and makes technologies for a greater tomorrow. It is a unique opportunity for students to engage in this vision, showcase their abilities and receive hands-on experience at an Autodesk Technology center. We thank Autodesk for their support in this CSUN-wide challenge,” said Dr. Nhut Ho, the founding director of ARCS. 

The competition will kick off in mid-September with an informational session followed by video pitch submissions during mid-October. The judges will then choose finalists who will have about two months to work on their final submissions for December. 

“I am confident in our students’ skills to create projects that reimagine the design of certain products or identify solutions to real-world problems. This competition is the perfect outlet for students across multiple disciplines to think outside the box and highlight their talent using Autodesk’s software.  We are looking forward to your amazing projects,” said Joe Bautista, Associate Director for ARCS. 

In addition to ARCS’ partnership with Autodesk, 360 Fusion workshops will be provided to participants who are implementing Autodesk software into their projects. For more information visit our website or contact ARCS’ Associate Director Joe Bautista at