Autonomy for Future Manufacturing


Consortium for High-volume Additive Manufacturing of Aerospace Heat Exchanger and Talent Development

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Dr. Changyu Ma, Postdoc in ARCS at CSUN, Donald Palomino, Fellow, M.S. candidate in Manufacturing Systems Engineering at CSUN, Paula Logozzo, Fellow, undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering at CSUN, Elliot Sadler, Fellow, M.S. candidate in Manufacturing Systems Engineering at CSUN, Bodia Borijin, Intern, B.S. candidate in Structural Engineering at UCSD, Andrew Wang, Intern, Portola High School

Collaborator(s): NASA JPL: Dr. Douglas Hoffman, Dr. Richard Otis, Dr. Ryan Watkins, Dr. Bryan McEnerney, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: Ryan McClelland at Instrument Systems and Technology, UCLA: Dr. Xiaochun Li, Dr. Morris Wang, Honeywell Aerospace: Gregory Colvin, Bob DeMers, Castheon Inc: Dr. Youping Gao, Mr. Steve James, ASTM Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AM CoE): Mr. Shane Collins, SimInsights Inc: Mr. Rajesh Jha, El Camino College: Mr. Jose Anaya

CSUN CO-Is: Bingbing Li, Department of Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management, Christoph Schaal, Department of Mechanical Engineering


AI-assisted Knowledge Graph Design for the CADRE Robots

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Brandon Bian, Mathematics of Computation, Max Slade, Anthropology, Elliot Sadler, Mechanical Engineering, Andrew Wang, High School Student, Axel Fernandes, Engineering Management, Bodia Borijin, Structural Engineering

Collaborator(s): Dr. Richard Otis, Technologist, JPL, Dr. Thomas Lu, Technologist, JPL, Daniele Grandi, System Engineer, Autodesk, Daniel Noviello, Autodesk

CSUN CO-Is:  Bingbing Li, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Nhut Ho, Mechanical Engineering


California Advanced Defense Ecosystem and National Consortia Effort

Status: Complete

Student Researcher(s): Tongzi Wu, Statistics

Collaborator(s): Eileen Sanchez, California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, Jose Anaya, El Camino College, Conrad Leiva, DOE Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute

CSUN CO-Is:  Bingbing Li, Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Digital Twin Integration of openCAESAR and INTREPID to design and additively manufacture the Multiphysics Optical Tracker

Status: Complete

Student Researcher(s): Paula Logozzo, Mechanical Engineering, Max Slade, Anthropology, Ruitao Wu, Computer Science, Ting Hsun, Computer Science, Axel Fernandes, Engineering Management

Collaborator(s): Dr. Maged Elaasar, Dr. Richard Otis at NASA JPL, Dr. Bhupen Lodhia, Mr. Marco Fiocco, Mr. Tomas Lay Herrera, Mr. Akmal Bakar at Autodesk

CSUN CO-Is:  Bingbing Li, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Nhut Ho, Mechanical Engineering

Additively Manufactured Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering

Status: Complete

Student Researcher(s): Alejandro Gomez, Biology, Axel Fernandes, Engineering Management, Runrun Chen, Mechanical Engineering, Shuyi Huang, Nutrition and Dietetics, Getaywokal Degef, Biology

Collaborator(s): Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation

CSUN CO-Is: Bingbing Li, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Kelber Jonathan, Biology

California State University, Northridge