Autonomy for Future Manufacturing


Additively Manufactured Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Alejandro Gomez, Biology, Axel Fernandes, Engineering Management, Runrun Chen, Mechanical Engineering, Shuyi Huang, Nutrition and Dietetics, Getaywokal Degef, Biology

Collaborator(s): Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation

CSUN CO-Is: Bingbing Li, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Kelber Jonathan, Biology

Digital Twin Integration of openCAESAR and INTREPID to design and additively manufacture the Multiphysics Optical Tracker

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Paula Logozzo, Mechanical Engineering, Max Slade, Anthropology, Ruitao Wu, Computer Science, Ting Hsun, Computer Science, Axel Fernandes, Engineering Management

Collaborator(s): Dr. Maged Elaasar, Dr. Richard Otis at NASA JPL, Dr. Bhupen Lodhia, Mr. Marco Fiocco, Mr. Tomas Lay Herrera, Mr. Akmal Bakar at Autodesk

CSUN CO-Is:  Bingbing Li, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Nhut Ho, Mechanical Engineering

AI-assisted Knowledge Graph Design for the CADRE Robots

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Brandon Bian, Mathematics of Computation, Max Slade, Anthropology, Elliot Sadler, Mechanical Engineering, Andrew Wang, High School Student, Axel Fernandes, Engineering Management, Bodia Borijin, Structural Engineering

Collaborator(s): Dr. Richard Otis, Technologist, JPL, Dr. Thomas Lu, Technologist, JPL, Daniele Grandi, System Engineer, Autodesk, Daniel Noviello, Autodesk

CSUN CO-Is:  Bingbing Li, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Nhut Ho, Mechanical Engineering

California Advanced Defense Ecosystem and National Consortia Effort

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Tongzi Wu, Statistics

Collaborator(s): Eileen Sanchez, California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, Jose Anaya, El Camino College, Conrad Leiva, DOE Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute

CSUN CO-Is:  Bingbing Li, Manufacturing Systems Engineering

California State University, Northridge