Author: Anessa Quintanilla
Event Recap:
March 2021

The Aerospace Corporation (TAC), a nonprofit organization running the only federally funded research center focusing on space enterprise, hosted ARCS’ very first corporate connect event on February 18. Over 40 students attended the two-hour session, which included speakers, a live Q&A session, and a panel discussion with 18 participants from ARCS and TAC. 

Student attendees engaged with TAC professionals and CSUN alumni in an informative discussion that highlighted the corporation’s innovative work and career opportunities. Speakers from the panel discussion shared their knowledge and experience working in a leading corporation that is cultivating innovative research and advancements in space technology. 

“On behalf of the ARCS community, we would like to give a huge thank you to TAC for taking the time to speak to our students. As a center committed to multidisciplinary research in areas such as space exploration, it was exciting to hear from skilled professionals,” said Joe Bautista, the Associate Director of PR and Communications for ARCS.

For more information about TAC click here or visit to learn about ARCS and ways to engage.