Showcasing Our Fellows’ Collaboration and Research


ARCS Fellows present their research to ARCS members and collaborators and engage in discussions with other research groups on campus and the CSUN community.

@ 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM


Friday, June 21

BORACLE – The Oracle for Your Body
Student(s): Matthew Smith, Kian Bonakdar

PI(s): Xunfei Jiang

A Framework for Smart Textile Large-Scale Consumer Research
Student(s): Matthew Smith, Kian Bonakdar

PI(s): Xunfei Jiang

Concept Development and Feasibility Study for In-Space Propellant Tank Venting
Student(s): Cole Millett

PI(s): Vinicius Maron Sauer

Astro Cultivator Deployment for Freight Farming
Student(s): Troy Israel, Neville Elieh Janvisloo, Anthony Morales

PI(s): Bingbing Li


Friday, July 19

Mars Science Helicopter Image Processing
Students(s): Eduardo Kestler Sosa, Kyosuke Imura, Edwin Lee

PI(s): Michael Cho

CART: Campus Autonomous Robot Tours
Students(s): Hariet Yousefi, Shari Sales

PI(s): Amiel Hartman

Deep Learning Applications to Dry Landscapes
Students(s): Yashira Almanza Valer, Andrea Flores

PI(s): Mario Giraldo


Friday, August 16

Consortium for High-volume Additive Manufacturing of Aerospace Heat Changer and Talent Development
Students(s): Marshall Doyle

PI(s): Dr. Changyu Ma

High-Pressure Turbulent Reactive Flows Fundamentals: Experiments and High-Fidelity Simulations
Students(s): Raphael Perez

PI(s): Vinicius Marion Sauer

ARCS STEAHM Bubble Concept & Feasibility Study
Students(s): Anna Diaz, Cory Soto, Megan Ngo

PI(s): Dr. Ho


Friday, September 20

LLM for Ontology and Knowledge Graph in Construction Code Compliance
Student(s): Summayah Waseem
PI(s): Shawn Sun

AI in Law
Student(s): Jatin Agrawal
PI(s): Farshad Ghodoosi

Energy & Appliance Standards for Plug Loads: Assessing Current Needs and Future Opportunities
Student(s): Jatin Agrawal
PI(s): Bingbing Li


Friday, October 18

In-Space Nondestructive Evaluation of On-Orbit Manufactured Components and Systems
Student(s): Sharveny Parthibhan, Joshua Santiago, Omar Palacios
PI(s): Dr. Christoph Schaal

Student(s): Megan Ngo, Avni Israni, Shari, Danielle, Jeremy LeMaster, Dami Adenugba, Chinedu Roland Egbujor
PI(s): Amiel, Nhut, Xunfei, Kacie

Additive Manufacturing of Sulfur Concrete for Mars Habitats
Student(s): C. Shawn Sun, Gevork Gazdzhyan, Nikhil Sagar Dadem
PI(s): Bingbing Li

Image Classification With Deep Learning
Student(s): Gurnoor Kaur
PI(s): Dr. Verma Abhishek