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ARCS Affiliated Publications

Machine Learning-based Real-time Monitoring System of Manufacturing Workflow for Smart Connected Worker to Improve Energy Efficiency

Journal of Manufacturing Systems (2020 Impact Factor: 8.633), Vol. 61, pp. 66-76

Shijie Bian, Chen Li, Yongwei Fu, Yutian Ren, Tongzi Wu, Guann-Pyng Li, Bingbing Li

Release: August 2021

Real-time Object Detection for Smart Connected Worker in 3D Printing

Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS 2021), Krakow, Poland

Shijie Bian, Tiancheng Lin, Chen Li, Yongwei Fu, Mengrui Jiang, Tongzi Wu, Xiyi Hang, and Bingbing Li

Release: June 2021

Affordable Artificial Intelligence-assisted Machine Supervision System for Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers

Computers & Industrial Engineering (2019 Impact Factor: 4.135).

Release: May 2021

Meta-Analysis of Prevalent Comorbidities Associated with Type 2 Diabetes and Future Directions Utilizing Holistic Socio-Technological Solutions

Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology

Khachikyan, L., Worku, H., Rapisora, K., Perez, E., Kabo, J., Gottlieb, R., Chiu, C., Ho, N.

Release: May 2021

Integration of User Emotion and Self-Awareness in Text Messaging

Proceeding of The 5th IEEE International Conference on Collaboration and Internet Computing

Liu, L., Guta, D., and Niu, S.

Release: December 2019

Procedural Generation of 3D Planetary-Scale Terrains

2019 IEEE International Conference on Space Mission Challenges for Information Technology (SMC-IT)

Liu, L,. and Vitacion, R.

Release: August 2019