ARCS Spotlights

ARCS Spotlights

‘I am grateful to Kevin (Zemlicka) for seeing my potential and hiring me to be a part of ARCS. Without his encouragement to become an ARCS Fellow I would have never gotten the opportunity to be a part of and present such important research at a conference like the annual Southwestern Anthropological Association conference. I feel so proud to be a part of ARCS.”

Armenuhi Ghazaryan

Student Poster Competition Winner (Honorable Mention) at the Southwestern Anthropological Association (SWAA) Conference

“ARCS has been the ultimate stepping stone for me to reach greater heights. The Fellowship has given me the confidence to practice the knowledge and skills I gained at CSUN and apply them to research. Because of ARCS, I was given the opportunity to define my future goals and work with NASA Engineers towards making a change in the world.”

Sarkis S. Mikaelian

Artificial Intelligence Intern at NASA Langley Research Center

“Thanks to ARCS, I received an internship opportunity to use my user experience and research skills as a designer for a center at JPL.”

Ashley Santiago

User Interface Specialist at NASA JPL Geodynamics and Space Geodesy