Why Support ARCS?

A NASA-funded partner, bringing multidisciplinary leaders in faculty and students, partnered with autonomous research to focus on a full spectrum of technology using STEAHM ((S) sciences, (T) technology and engineering, (E) entrepreneurship and business, (A) arts; (H) humanities and (M) mathematics) exploring opportunities for the greater good of the world.


You can send an underserved and underrepresented STEAHM student to NASA for a 10-week research internship to work with a senior NASA scientist, setting her up for a career of the future.

  • $5,000 will fund 1 field trip for 20 students to JPL for a day-long working session with senior scientists
  • $9,000 will support 1 Graduate Student’s Stipend for a 10-week Internship at NASA
  • $15,000 will help make 10 Mentorship Workshops with Industry Leaders for 100 students possible
  • $36,000 will support 1 Innovative Student-Led Research Project

Mail a Donation

Please mail your check, payable to the CSUN Foundation – Autonomy Research Center for STEAHM (ARCS), to:

ARCS Headquarters
9324 Reseda Blvd. Suite 207
Northridge, CA 91324

From Our Donors and Students 

“Thanks to ARCS, I received an internship opportunity to use my user experience and research skills as a designer for a center at JPL.”

Ashley Santiago

Web Designer/Developer , ARCS Fellow

“In working with ARCS I have gained the satisfaction in knowing that I am supporting an organization that I believe strongly in, especially because of their convergence research. If you are thinking about giving or donating to ARCS, you should consider the things that this center is doing to improve the future while also keeping environmental concerns in mind.”

Sandy T.

Private Donor

“ARCS has helped shape my career by giving me the opportunity to work with multidisciplinary teams and NASA collaborators to execute a research project.”

Kayla Mesina

Visual Communication Designer , ARCS Fellow

“For me personally I have spent my entire professional career in providing guidance to students to continue their academic progress.  As a volunteer with ARCS I continue to enjoy that interaction with high caliber students.”

Mike K.

Former CSUN and UCLA Professor

“ARCS has been the ultimate stepping stone for me to reach greater heights. The Fellowship has given me the confidence to practice the knowledge and skills I gained at CSUN and apply them to research. Because of ARCS, I was given the opportunity to define my future goals and work with NASA Engineers towards making a change in the world.”

Sarkis S. Mikaelian

Computer Science, ARCS Fellow

“I enjoyed working with ARCS students because they were eager to improve their writing skills. They had excellent questions and were attentive and engaged in the workshop. I love that one of the students said that he would like to write in a clear manner, such that his mother could understand what he does.”

Honey Kessler Amado

CSUN Foundation Board Member 
and ARCS Volunteer

“ARCS emphasizes the importance of securing a supportive mentor who is strongly invested in working collaboratively with principal investigators from various departments. In doing so, I have learned a lot about how multidisciplinary teams can support and inspire one another. ARCS has also provided me with an opportunity to disseminate Behavior Analysis in a new and innovative way.”

Adisa Ptah

Applied Behavior Analysis, ARCS Fellow

“I value the opportunities in working with NASA and JPL specialists to see the potentials for a bigger and brighter future.”

Neil Thompsett

Anthropology, ARCS Fellow

I appreciate the mentorship Dr. Ellie Kazemi, Dr. Nhut Ho, and Dr. Kabo provide me and my team. It is a great opportunity to absorb their knowledge and advice and be guided by them as we learn to establish a research project. I value the resources available to support us and our mentors in our research. ARCS is a great hub to network and meet other scientists from different fields which offers an opportunity to collaborate on projects.

Helina Mekonnen

Public Health, ARCS Fellow