Why is ARCS significant?

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Allows for groundbreaking increasingly autonomous (IA) research in all disciplines, particularly in STEAHM academic areas
Our research scope includes: AV’s used in civilian, military, and naval operations, space farming, biomedical research, shared urban mobility, aviation, space, ____ (add more or reword)
Our research goals address some of society’s greatest challenges and provide for the opportunity to collaborate with government agencies, non-GMOs, industry partners, corporations, individuals to help solve them
Collaborative research conducted by student Fellow(s), Co-I, NASA scientist enables convergence research and will lead to solutions for society’s greatest needs
Enables ARCS (CSUN) to facilitate all sorts of relationships for mutual benefit. For example, introducing JPL to Boeing (add to this)
Demonstrates various ways and methodologies to get information that humans cannot get
ARCS is NASA sponsored and a NASA-serving research institution
Collaborative research provides the opportunity for teams to commercialize research providing valuable attention as well as economic advantages to team members. Such commercialization boosts economies of related sources
Affords the opportunity to patent novel research
As a MSI, allows CSUN to impactfully increase the STEM workforce with well- trained and well-educated underrepresented and underserved student Fellows
ARCS IA seeks to promote innovation with the goal of prioritizing manpower for the most needed decisions and actions, maximizing human potential
Collaborative research integrates AI to garner information otherwise inaccessible or unavailable to humans
Ethical research where discovery is needed globally
Our work demonstrates that established systems and ______ can be made smarter, safer, and more efficient
Autonomous systems are replacing humans in a variety of tasks, and in the years to come, such systems will become central and crucial to human life. They will include vehicles of all kinds, medical and industrial robots, agricultural and manufacturing facilities, traffic management systems, and much more. While many organizations strive to develop the next generation of trustworthy, cost-effective autonomous systems, a major gap exists between the challenges in developing these and the state of the art. There is a crucial need for a common scientific and engineering foundation for developing these systems, which we term “autonomics.” We believe that such a foundation will dramatically accelerate the deployment and acceptance of high-quality autonomous systems, for the benefit of human society.