Social and Moral Autonomy

Present ProjectS

Visual Displays of Spatial Data to Communicate Warnings and Risk to Underserved Communities

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Shantel.Perez, Katya Yanez

NASA collaborator (s): Joe Roberts

CSUN CO-I: Mario Giraldo, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Designing ARCS to Facilitate STEAHM Convergence Research

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Ashley Santiago and Kayla Mesina, Art + Design

CSUN CO-I: Joe Bautista, Art + Design

Toward a Moral Compass Model: Ethics and Automation

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Malik Campbell, Biology and Alyssa Kim, Mechanical Engineering

NASA collaborator(s): Mark Skoog, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

CSUN CO-I: Gina Masequesmay, Asian American Studies

Team Culture and Communication at NASA’s JPL

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Neil Thompsett and Michael Baumgarten, Anthropology

NASA collaborator(s): John Day, JPL and Nelson Brown, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

CSUN CO-I: Suzanne Scheld, Anthropology (Chair)

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in the National Air Space (NAS): Public Acceptance and Risk Perception

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Nathan Romine, Urban Planning and Jessica Steiner, Anthropology

NASA collaborator(s): Mark Skoog, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

CSUN CO-I: Kevin Zemlicka, Academic Advisement, Anthropology & Psychology

Monitoring Soil and Vegetation Moisture Variations in the Leeward Mountainside of Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa in the Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s):  Zoila Campos, Geography

NASA collaborator(s): Joe Roberts, JPL

CSUN CO-I: Mario A. Giraldo, Geography and Environmental Studies, Thomas Chan, Psychology and Health Equity, Li Liu, Computer Science

California State University, Northridge