Authors: Anessa Quintanilla
Press Release: December 2021

This November ARCS hosted its annual STEAHMINAR, an end of the year seminar highlighting the center’s 2021 student cohort and their innovative research over the past year. The event started with welcoming remarks from CSUN President Erika Beck, CSUN Provost, Dr. Mary Beth Walker and members of NASA’s Technical Review Committee. 

“ARCS sets our students on an ongoing path of personal and professional success and we can see this in the center, with 34 NASA and industry-sponsored autonomy research projects, including the work on MARS 2020 and Artemis 2023, 17 interns placed at NASA to date as well as the more than 80 undergraduate and graduate student researchers building a pipeline for a diverse steam future workforce,” said CSUN President Beck. 

Following the opening sentiments, a diverse group of student fellows presented their research projects focusing on areas such as social science, mechanical engineering, art and design, and computer science. 

Each project showcased the importance of transdisciplinary research in finding solutions or new perspectives to the use and purpose of increasingly autonomous systems. The work done by ARCS’ 2021 cohort has brought a greater understanding of IA systems and new opportunities to expand research within STEAHM fields.