What is Industry Convergence Research Opportunity Program (ICROP)?

A membership-based, industry-focused research collaborative with the NASA-sponsored Autonomy Research Center for STEAHM (ARCS) at California State University, Northridge

ICROP joins innovators in industry with academia to conduct use-inspired, high impact research to address industry member partner needs.

ARCS Students

Value to Industry Partners


Member partners can mentor and train students for internship or employment with industry-specific skills.


Member partners engage with faculty researchers and NASA scientists who are experts in identifying and formulating solutions that fit industry needs.

Research Results & IP

Member partners gain royalty-free, non-exclusive licenses on intellectual property produced through ICROP and related research.

Leveraged Research Dollars

Pooled research funds mean high return on investment into critical research.
Joint funding proposals with other member partners and ARCS to push research forward.

Autonomy Research Center for STEAHM

What ARCS Offers through ICROP?

  • Transdisciplinary/Convergence research capabilities
  • Access to the most ethnically, economically, and academically diverse student body in the nation
  • Access to NASA personnel & proximity to JPL & Armstrong
  • Access to research facilities and equipment
  • Joint research opportunities with academia & government
  • Operational efficiency
Fellow presenting their work

Successful Research Collaborations with Industry & Government Partners

ARCS provided complementary capabilities to conduct fieldwork and identify end-user needs in historically marginalized communities.

ARCS helped secure funding from the DoD STTR program and provided research personnel.

ARCS established a research collaboration among Autodesk, JPL, and ARCS on knowledge systems and digital engineering.

ARCS helped secure funding from the NASA SBIR program and provided research personnel.