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Joe Bautista

Joe Bautista

Founding Faculty

Art + Design

Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication

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Kyle Dewey

Kyle Dewey

Founding Faculty

Computer Science

College of Engineering and Computer Science

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Xiaojun (Ashley) Geng

Xiaojun (Ashley) Geng

Founding Faculty

Electrical and Computer Engineering

College of Engineering and Computer Science

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Amiel Gitai Hartman

Amiel Gitai Hartman

Founding Faculty

Mechanical Engineering

College of Engineering and Computer Science

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ARCS is powered by a transdisciplinary team of faculty co-investigators and student research leaders who lead each project and collaborate across disciplines. They come from 6 colleges across the CSU Northridge campus, and they bring the diverse perspectives needed to tackle complex problems that IA systems seek to solve for our society. 

As future convergence research leaders, ARCS student Fellows are committed to the ARCS mission, vision, and values; uphold ARCS standards of excellence, ideals and culture; and work collaboratively in an interdisciplinary cohort.

Model Based Programming Languages

Status: Ongoing

Fellow(s): Meyer Millman, Computer Engineering

NASA collaborator(s): Michel Ingham and Klaus Havelund, JPL

CSUN CO-I: Kyle Dewey, Computer Science

ARCS “Lift-Off” Grand Opening


(February 27, 2020) The grand opening celebration of the center and the groundbreaking research that ARCS Fellows launched in partnership with senior scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center.

Student Colloquia

A bi-monthly get-together for students to discuss what they’ve learned from their literature reviews, with the goal of sharing and energizing opinions, ideas and collaborations among students and faculty and the CSUN community and external collaborators.

Student Seminars

A monthly meeting for ARCS Fellows to formally present their research to and engage in discussions with other research groups and the CSUN community.

Leaders Speakers Series

(Fall 2020) A student-led monthly speaker series that invites role models who are historically underserved and underrepresented to share their path to success with ARCS students.

Trustable Autonomy

Developing Assured and Trusted Autonomy

Human Machine Teamwork with Explainable AI

Human Autonomy Teamwork and Explainable AI

Social, Legal, Moral Autonomy

Social Barriers, Acceptance and Impact

Improving Social Medicine with Autonomy