Present Projects

Speed Dating Trust: Examining the Critical Human-Machine Teaming Behaviors Linked to Mission Success

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Jeremy Argueta, Ana Patino, Jazlyn Armendariz, Giovanna Blanco, Jared Carrillo, Gerard Andrei, Alexandria Christoforatos

NASA collaborator(s): So Young Kim-Castet, Basak Ramaswamy, & Scott Davidoff | NASA JPL

CSUN CO-Is: Nhut Ho, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Thomas Chan, Social and Behavioral Sciences

3D Object Detection and Vehicle Classification based on LiDAR Point Clouds for Real-time Traffic Flow Monitoring

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Chen Li, Columbia University; Tongzi (Peter) Wu, ARCS; Alexander Rose, Ruitao Wu, Icess Nisce, Brian Uribe, Javier Carranza, Alondra Gonzalez, Matthew Davis, Andres Mercado, Ziaur Chowdhury, Gustavo Velasquez Sanchez, Xin Gao, Cesar Villa, Computer Science;

NASA collaborator(s): 

CSUN CO-Is:Xunfei Jiang, Computer Science, Bingbing Li, Manufacturing Systems and Engineering and Xudong Jia, Civil Engineering

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-Based Autonomous Mission Planning for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Missions

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s):Sarah Cazessus, Graphic Design, Noah Preheim, Engineering & Computer Science

NASA collaborator(s): 

CSUN CO-Is: Xiaojun (Ashley) Geng and Sembiam Rengarajan, College of Engineering and Computer Science

SERL: Compact Autonomous Exploratory Search and Rescue Rover (CAESARR)

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Kiet Phan and Francisco Oropeza, Mechanical Engineering

NASA collaborator(s): Jean-Pierre de la Croix, JPL

CSUN CO-Is: Amiel Hartman and Nhut Ho, Mechanical Engineering

Model Based Programming Languages

Status: Complete 

Student Researcher(s): Meyer Millman, Computer Engineering

NASA collaborator(s): Michel Ingham and Klaus Havelund, JPL

CSUN CO-I: Kyle Dewey, Computer Science

Past Projects

Enabling the Development of Perception Capability for Autonomous Urban Air Mobility Platforms

Status: Complete 

Student Researcher(s): Ridge Tejuco, Computer Engineering

NASA collaborator(s): Shaun McWherter, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

CSUN CO-I: Ashley Geng, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Campus Autonomous Robot Tours (CART)

Status: Complete 

Student Researcher(s): M. Fadhil Ginting, Coulson Aguirre, Kyle Strickland

NASA collaborator(s): Ali-akbar Agha-mohammadi, JPL

CSUN CO-Is: Amiel Hartman, Nhut Ho, Mechanical Engineering, Ashley Geng, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Li Liu, Computer Science, Joe Bautista, Art + Design

California State University, Northridge