Present Projects

3D Object Detection and Vehicle Classification based on LiDAR Point Clouds for Real-time Traffic Flow Monitoring

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Jonathan Cordova, Rachel Gilyard, Robin Rosculete, Jose Flores, Jimwell Castillo, Gisela Calva, Anthony Merzoian, Raymond Gharapeti Babayans, Alma Dollente, Kaylee Groves, Param Ridham Desai, Mahi Kachhadiya, and Nabiha Sharif

NASA collaborator(s):

CSUN CO-Is: Xunfei Jiang, Computer Science, Bingbing Li, Manufacturing Systems and Engineering, and Xudong Jia, Civil Engineering

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-Based Autonomous Mission Planning for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Missions

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s):Sarah Cazessus, Graphic Design, Noah Preheim, Engineering & Computer Science

NASA collaborator(s): 

CSUN CO-Is: Xiaojun (Ashley) Geng and Sembiam Rengarajan, College of Engineering and Computer Science

SERL: Compact Autonomous Exploratory Search and Rescue Rover (CAESARR)

Status: Ongoing

Student Researcher(s): Kiet Phan and Francisco Oropeza, Mechanical Engineering

NASA collaborator(s): Jean-Pierre de la Croix, JPL

CSUN CO-Is: Amiel Hartman and Nhut Ho, Mechanical Engineering

Model Based Programming Languages

Status: Complete 

Student Researcher(s): Meyer Millman, Computer Engineering

NASA collaborator(s): Michel Ingham and Klaus Havelund, JPL

CSUN CO-I: Kyle Dewey, Computer Science

Past Projects

Enabling the Development of Perception Capability for Autonomous Urban Air Mobility Platforms

Status: Complete 

Student Researcher(s): Ridge Tejuco, Computer Engineering

NASA collaborator(s): Shaun McWherter, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

CSUN CO-I: Ashley Geng, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Campus Autonomous Robot Tours (CART)

Status: Complete 

Student Researcher(s): M. Fadhil Ginting, Coulson Aguirre, Kyle Strickland

NASA collaborator(s): Ali-akbar Agha-mohammadi, JPL

CSUN CO-Is: Amiel Hartman, Nhut Ho, Mechanical Engineering, Ashley Geng, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Li Liu, Computer Science, Joe Bautista, Art + Design

California State University, Northridge